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I ship you with Stiles!
He loves your eyes and personality especially that you were shy but opened up to him.

How you met:
You were in the library looking for a new book to read. From what you could see the library was empty so you started to hum as you looked. But humming soon turned into…

Why I think Issac Lahey may die this season

For a long time I didn’t think Isaac was the main character that dies because Jeff said the person dying would change the intro. But after seeing Dylan’s tweet today to Daniel makes be think that Isaac dies. Why would Dylan being missing Daniel if their shooting season 4 right now & Dylan been seen on set so we know he doesn’t die. Also Daniel shooting a movie right now well film for TW is going on. I just hope I’m wrong I love Isaac! 

Stiles Stilinski

As we all remember MTV Teen Wolf put out a warning on Monday night say that Echo House would cause suicide, self-medicating, abuse, ect…We also know that one main character dies at the end of the season. But when you think about it in a way Stiles committed suicide in Echo House. He gave him self up to the Nogitsune he stopped fighting, let the it take full control of him. Now I don’t believe Stiles is the one that dies this season but a part of Stiles die in Echo House. 

Stalia Theory

I’ve been think about Stiles & Malia little make out scene. At first I thought they had sex too but I also thought Stiles was in control of him self. But the more I think about it & re-watch I don’t think it was our Stiles in that scene I also don’t think they had sex here’s why. 
If you go back to the very beginning the moment Stiles gets out of the car he’s constantly looking over his shoulder for someone or something. He was also very uneasy.

When they were all talking to Ms. Morrell about guilty Malia talks about how it makes her sick to her stomach. That’s when we see Stiles rubbing his hand, on the edgy of his sit, very paranoid. This is when we see the masked nogitsune, but what makes this scene stick out to me is that Jeff made it a point to make us see Stiles hands. 
Now the scene where Maila gives Stiles the keys & he try’s to open the door. He is clearly nervous, & again paranoid looking over his shoulder. This is also when Stiles gets put to sleep. 

But the scene that makes me believe that Stiles wasn’t really Stiles when they made out. Is when Stiles is in the bathroom & Maila taking a shower, this is when we see a but of our old Stiles again rumbling when he’s in a awkward situation. 
Now when their in the basement this is the first time in the whole ep that Stiles isn’t all nervous & paranoid I believe this is because the poison is wearing off & the Nogitsune is slowly taking control of him again. Also when Malia takes off her shirt Stiles didn’t even react the way our normal Stiles would have, but the reason I don’t think they had sex is because the nogitsune wouldn’t get anything out of it, everything he’s done had a mean behind it. & what would Stiles having sex do? Nothing, also again it shows Stiles hands & it looked like he was holding on pretty tight. 

Another reason I don’t believe he was in control is because as we’ve seen the Nogitsune has never needed Stiles permission to take control of him. I really think the reason he was tell Stiles to let him in is because a part of Stiles is still fighting in side trying to get control back & the Nogitsune wasn’t able to get full control. In till Stiles gave up that’s what we were seeing Stiles finally stopped fighting & fully let him in to save Maila. 
Now I don’t really know what the hand thing mean but we’ve seen Stiles looking at his hands a lot this season I do believe there’s something behind that but I’m not sure yet.